Our senses are the gateways of our perception, 

and our touch is the authentic echo to the world.

This is my way of working, 

from the outside to the inside and vice versa.

This is how I find my ideas and create a continuous concept,

how I research the background, gather material and let my morphological field grow,

attentive to the state of unintentionality, the moment for what happens at the edge of the eye. 

While I let myself be guided by my hands.

Photography and ceramics are my most important fields of expression.

They complement each other, seeing and feeling, the attention, the moment.

I need tactile surfaces in both: rough like earth and bark, porous like tuff and soft like skin.

I am long-time trained prop designer and creative director,

with a background in textile haute couture design and visual communication

General info
freelance artist as photographer and ceramic research
with a vivid background of haute couture textile design cooking and teaching designclasses ,added by more than 2 decades of prop styling including colorconcepts ,creative and art direction for german and international editorial magazines, dietlind wolf unites all talents in photograph her own productions, illustrations and ceramics, who are featured worldwide.years ago she started also creating her own porcelain and stoneware plates especialy for the needs of food shootings. the ceramics have be exhibited on maison et objet trendshow as well as her first exclusive collection will be soon at abc home carpet in new york.
dietlind wolf is known for her creativity and unexpected views to color and details.as she says about herself, she is inspired by never ending curiosity and ancient customs/ art / techniques and life itself.
site notice
Dipl. des. Dietlind Wolf
Doktor-Julius-Leber-Strasse 13 23552 Lübeck Germany
phone : +49 171 51 511 25
dietlind wolf id: DE117967842

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most of the stories are available via www.taverne-agency.com

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